Back In Time Live Party
in Germany (Hamburg Wedel), 21 June 2003


Many, many thanks to Volker Buckow (Dr. Future) for this really great event!!!



Volker - doing the last "preparation" for the party
The DJ (from Berlin)... great music, great job !
Talking ´bout the party...
Another visitor - was nice to talk to you!
Frank and Markus - great to met you at the party...
* sitting in front of a C64
* inside the SHOOTERS
*Xenox and me
*Courage, Milo and Xenox
*me and Dr. Future
*inside the SHOOTERS
DJs at the desk
*me and Xenox (Frank)
*Xenox (Frank)
*Markus Riesner
*giving an interview
*giving an interview
*the barkeeper
*me and Markus Riesner
*Markus, Milo and Frank
*in front of the SHOOTERS
*Frank (Xenox / Alphaflight)
pictures marked with ´*´ are made by Markus Riesner